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I'm interviewed by Juan Devis on KCET's ARTBOUND

I received the call to be interviewed for KCET's ARTBOUND about some of my ten top artistic influences. I couldn't really pinpoint who were exactly my artistic influences, since there have been so many through-out the years. Would it be seeing Van Gogh at the Musee Orsay in Paris? Rubens at the Louvre, or reading about Anais Nin and the Surrealists at an early age? Those were the teenage years, later on I can definitely say that experiencing MOCA's groundbreaking Helter Skelter was transformative, as well as some of the early alternative art spaces, which later on transformed themselves into established art venues, such as FoodHouse. The work of Lari Pittman, Chris Ofili, Kara Walker, Philip Taaffe, Frida Kahlo, Sue Williams, Ambrose Beardsley, Florine Stettheimer, Claude Cahun, amongst so many more! For the interview, I was in a really retrospective mood, I was remembering not so much my visual art influences, but those other genres that created that artistic "aha" moment. Really it was style, aka fashion and music that led me to art-making. I was a square catholic school girl and experiencing the wild rebellion of the Eighties music scene and the creative interpretations of fashion on kids everywhere that allowed me a peek into another world, that world of makers that I wanted to be a part of.

Radiotron: circa 1980, MacArthur Park, Los AngelesRadiotron: circa 1980, MacArthur Park, Los Angeles

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