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Critica- Conversations and Crit Sessions

Campos De GutierrezCampos De Gutierrez
Walking down to Campos.Walking down to Campos.

A few of us from Casa Tres Patios visited the other folks at Campos de Gutierrez for a charla or informal crit session. Campos de Gutierrez is another artist residency program here in Medellin. Housed in a beautiful hundred year old finca house, Campos is located up the mountain just fifteen minutes from downtown Medellin. It feels like you are hundreds of miles from the hubbub of the city. Andres, who runs the residency and can be said to be a resident artist as well, has organized weekly crit sessions with other artists in Medellin. It has been incredible to share my work with others here, as well as to learn about the work that is being done by artists coming to Medellin, as well artists working here.

Intimate Crit SessionsIntimate Crit Sessions
Helen Turbidy: Helen with laptop and sweets on hand.Helen Turbidy: Helen with laptop and sweets on hand.

Installation in ProgressInstallation in Progress

During this critica or crit session we viewed the work of Belfast artist Helen Turbidy. Helen has been doing a kind of baroque interruptions in art centers around town. We talked about set design, narrative, and crime scenes. Helen is really enjoying the vast array of fabrics and plastics available here. Medellin is the industrial and textile capital of Colombia, which makes for a veritable artist's playground. You can see us ( Featured are New Zealand artists Ana Terry and Don Hunter, Andres Monzon and Helen Turbidy) in deep conversation with laptops and Jesus in the background. You had to be there! Also, we viewed Andres Monzon's paintings of Latin divas. Andres was classically trained in the Renaissance method of grisaille and glazing used to achieve that deep three dimensional look that you get in a Caravaggio painting. That "real" look in a painting is really valued here in Colombia, amongst the older generation, but He is of course taking it beyond that to address more contemporary concerns. His paintings of divas are amazing! They seem to be caught between a moment of ecstasy and agony.
Andres Monzon showing us his work.Andres Monzon showing us his work.

Diva Series by Andres MonzonDiva Series by Andres Monzon

Diva Series by Andres MonzonDiva Series by Andres Monzon

After our charla, we took the bus up to the town of Santa Elena for a Colombian almuerzo (lunch) and a piping hot canelazo. Canelazo is a drink made out of pure sugar cane mixed with cinnamon and passion fruit. Usually had in colder climates, a canelazo is meant to warm up your bones, and if in the mood I believe you can add a shot of whiskey or rum. Why not?! Y Por que no?

Almuerzo en Santa ElenaAlmuerzo en Santa Elena

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